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Provide thought-leadership and domain knowledge for organizations during their efforts to define and document the requirement blueprints for all phases of the delivery. This starts from the Discover phase, continuing to the Prepare phase, transitioning to the Build phase and finally to the Adopt phase. Our resource will be there with you, gaining understanding of current processes, policies and the overall technical landscape. Always ready to help find solutions that have synergy with your existing technologies and defining road-map to get to your future-state.


Provide the design and technical implementation skills needed to make the defined solution a reality. Our resource will absorb your requirements, work together with the Business Architects to conceive an implementation approach that satisfies your future-state. Our resource will not only help with the platform configurations, but also be able to collaborate with the various architects responsible with your surrounding systems. Our architects adhere to a strict best practice guideline of implementation, ensuring high standard of quality, reusability and maintainability.

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Provide that peace of mind that your solution is built as it should be with no surprises. Our resource will work hand-in-hand with the Business Architects and System Architects to craft, document, and execute suites of Test Scripts and its supporting artifacts. 

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