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Sinarmas Bank (Indonesia)


PT Bank Sinarmas Tbk. was established on 18 August 1989 based on the Deed of Establishment Number 52 dated 18 August 1989 from Buniarti Tjandra, S.H., Notary Public in Jakarta, namely PT Bank Shinta Indonesia and has been changed into Deed Number 91 dated 15 September 1989 from the similar notary public. In December 2006, Bank replaced the name into PT Bank Sinarmas. (

Kynerja and Sinarmas Bank collaborated since 2018 to implemented PEGA as their new platform to optimized their business needs. Complexity of the business needs challenged Kynerja to do a better as a consultant.


  1. Customer Relationship Manager. Customer Relationship Manager is implemented in Sinarmas Bank to optimize user or sales works in recording prospective customer data before it will be further processed. The system will also encourage user or sales to do upselling and offer more about their products. With PEGA sales are alleviated in decision makings regarding the next best offer and recommendation for prospective customers.

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