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SCB - Siam Commercial Bank (Thailand)

Siam Bank Logo Resized.png

Siam Commercial Bank was established by royal charter on January 30, 1907 as the first Thai bank. During its more than 110 years in business, the Bank has played a leading role in providing the financial services needed in Thailand, developing deep expertise. (

Kynerja and SCB collaborated since 2018 to implemented PEGA as their new platform to optimized their business needs. Complexity of the transition period from the old system to PEGA challenged Kynerja to do a better as a consultant.


  1. Micro Loan Origination by using PEGA as backend process which integrated with their Mobile Application. Kynerja was involved into that Project to help SCB staff build the PEGA Application. With Agile methodology all the stake holders including Kynerja was able to release the new feature in every month.

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